A Motocross Session – Glidecam HD-2000, Canon 7D, Gopro HD Hero

Thank you Victor for giving me the Gopro footage 😉 I’m now on facebook and twitter so check them out here !! www.facebook.com twitter.com Please guys if you like the video subscribe to my channel and broadcast it as far as you can, facebook, twitter, blogs, mails, friends, there will be more videos coming up within the next weeks. I’m originally amateur still photographer and you can check out my photo website at the link down bellow: www.maximilienczech.com I used music under the creative commons copyright available on www.jamendo.com. You are free to download and broadcast their music as much as you want as far as you mention the name of the artist and you do not use their work for a commercial purpose, that’s the deal ! So here are the different music I used: “Forest Dances” Sancho Guitar www.jamendo.com “Ordinary Girl” Shearer www.jamendo.com “Sea I Provide” Leslie Hunt www.jamendo.com Thank you to Benjamin, Quentin, Yoan, Victor, Antoine, Lucas, all motobikers and everyone else who was involved in anyway in this short movie and helped me to film it. Many thanks to Devin Graham who make me dream every new video he is posting on youtube, you can check his work on his Youtube channel here : www.youtube.com Technical info : All of flying shots were taken with a Glidecam HD-2000, the static one were either taken on a tripod or on the Glidecam. All movie was shot with a canon 7D with a 18-135mm, a 70-200mm f/4 and a 100mm macro lens f/2.8 at either 30fps or 60 for the

16 Responses to “A Motocross Session – Glidecam HD-2000, Canon 7D, Gopro HD Hero”

  1. Miiikeeee17 says:

    Great video ! can I just ask where did you buy the Glidecam HD 2000 from ?

  2. LN1video says:

    Cool video. Awesome 7D footage.

  3. RockstarRM125 says:

    For the person looking for a bike RM 125 are crazy light sound sweet and just rip

  4. fiddiesfolife says:

    Nice film work!!

  5. maxdreamcreator says:

    ah, je suppose que cela dépends des gouts musicaux de chacun, j’essaye de faire coller le style le mieux possible à l’image, mais cela n’est pas toujours évident car je m’attache à mettre des musiques libres de droit de diffusion, donc le choix est souvent limité 😉 en espérant que vous apprécierez plus mes autres vidéos disponibles sur ma chaîne ! Allez jeter un oeil. Cordialement, Maxdreamcreator.

  6. TheKonrad13 says:

    dommage que la musique soit pas super sinon une video plutôt pas mal.

  7. maxdreamcreator says:

    @Mxsmanice Je vois que tu produit beaucoup de films de Paris, chapeau car je n’arrive pas à être aussi productif ! Merci pour ton commentaire super encourageant. as-tu jeté un oeil aux autres disponible sur ma chaîne ? j’espère qu’elles te plairont aussi. Bonne continuation, et surtout pense à t’inscrire car d’autres vidéos arrivent !!

  8. Mxsmanic says:

    Excellent work! Superbly shot and superbly edited.

  9. maxdreamcreator says:

    hey Kirelyth, I’m sorry man can’t really help you about the choice for a motobike. I don’t personally run these stuff.

  10. Kirelyth says:

    awesome video…
    i ride MTB downhill / freeride and i’m seriously thinking about MX… what’s a good motorbike for starting riders? i’ve been thinking about a honda CRF 250, but… isn’t there any cheaper/better bike? thank you

  11. ninoelreyes says:

    really AWESOME high jumps there !!! not bad for french people !!! +1

  12. BodDude says:

    Looks really cool! Would love to try out a glidecam, looks awesome.


  13. TheMusa7777 says:

    me encanta esa toma que haces desde arriba  y en movimiento!

  14. Skateout88 says:

    Excellent Video.
    Perfect choice of Cameras and tools. 🙂

  15. 1CLODOS says:

    ((( GreaT FooTaGe SpoRT VID !!! …you use awesome high Camera the 7D …keep going 🙂 )))

  16. livtaspa13 says:

    i should do that one day 🙂

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