A bug’s life

In a bug world,stating the obvious is prophecy fulfilled

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  1. LightReuse says:

    BUG is a fraud. His whole basis of operation is premised on having given up lucrative USGS contracts. USGS never offered a contract to Owen. But Owen says give him money because he gave up USGS contracts. The moron says USGS keeps mailing him contracts. Owen says: 50+ predictions, 20 predictions dead on — liar. Owen made failed quake predictions based on piezo electric discharges. Owen’s “dream” 8.1 quake prediction on New Madrid by winter 2011/2012 will be another monumental flop.

  2. salvadory says:

    hi saturnbilly- glad to see you again- another gold star for you!

  3. SaturnBilly says:

    Yup just like a cult of science 101 lavatory !
    I couldn’t have stated it any better ! Lolololololol !?!

  4. salvadory says:

    this guy is a fraud and almost 90% of his info is totally bogus or unscientific- or even worse common knowledge already to anyone who bothers to look

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