9/20/99 WWF Champ Vince McMahon,Triple H,Steve Austin segment Part 1 of 2

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25 Responses to “9/20/99 WWF Champ Vince McMahon,Triple H,Steve Austin segment Part 1 of 2”

  1. y2g1983 says:

    The Rock was the only reason I started to watch WWE again but he left before things got started again. But god bless him he made that year barely for wrestling fans!

  2. amr8902 says:

    Well one maybe the lesnar vs cena one

  3. Jygerthe2nd says:

    I know. I don’t even watch RAW anymore. I mean I read what happens, but if nothing else I’m interested in what happens with CM Punk and the Brock Lesnar situation has me intrigued, but otherwise I just don’t wanna watch.

  4. Handballer021991 says:

    Randy Savage wasn’t Undisputed Champion in the WWF/WWE so Jericho was the first. Also Randy Savage isn’t accepted as Undisputed Champion. But there where Undisputed Champions but that was before somebody speak about WWF or WCW look at Wikipedia for everything

  5. Dan32280 says:

    Stone Cold’s smoking skull belt is the shit. Its too bad it wasn’t today’s championship belt. That spinning title belt is a piece of crap.

  6. Dan32280 says:

    The new PG bullshit WWE is a tragedy. This attitude era was worth every minute and every cent of my time. Even the intro theme music is epic compared to the stupid intro music they have today, especially smackdown.

  7. TheRealMichaelWayson says:

    I hope this HHH is in WWE 13′ so I can kick Corporate 2012 HHH’s asss fuck the new HHH.

  8. cawchampionsleague says:

    Vinnie Mac showing off the title belt like a boss.

  9. sanjay12194 says:

    I have no idea how such epic videos get dislikes
    Must be Laurinaitis….

  10. piefish1000 says:

    so basically, jericho’s been spreading bullshit about being the first one.

  11. steiner8burgerston says:

    the 1st Undisputed champ was in 1988 when Randy Savage won it, and Y2J won it in 01

  12. Kratos8462 says:

    Vince: I think in Houston, they’re calling your name again
    Houston crowd:ASSHOLE ASSHOLE
    back when the crowd was actually a huge part of wrestling

  13. piefish1000 says:

    vince said “will become the UNDISPUTED WWF champion”, even though the 1st undisputed champion wasn’t crowned until ’02.

  14. skidd91 says:


  15. TheRBK21283 says:

    God Damn it, just look at that sight,
    Young Vince, Austin, HHH, chyna, That amazing belt, that outstanding crowd, that out of the world RAW promo, and you damn right that fuckin awesme Music of HHH.
    Fuck, It all feels like a fantasy to me today…. :'(

  16. soujiro619 says:

    se imagina en WM 28 la roca vs john cena, la roca con el campeonato de la atitude y cena con el spin *-*”!, weeee seria mas digno!! el ganador se lleva todo! D: pero eso nunca va a pasar wwe sin imaginacion :C

  17. MrJohnnyNitro111 says:

    this belt is epic!

  18. MrJohnnyNitro111 says:

    I miss that epic guitar shredding at the opening of raw. Sick – raw was truly war!!

  19. BigLoc21 says:

    you got 19,000 people callin you an asshole! Best WWF quote ever

  20. laughorcrytv says:

    wwf 1999 > anything

  21. Kozzy06 says:

    Christ it was SO much better back then.

  22. BigTheNoodlez says:

    Miz, C M Punk, Cena …. fire them all their all garbage

  23. Jason Isenberg says:


  24. matt2fresh84 says:

    id watch a 2hr hour loop of just the intro alone from the attitude era every monday night than the bullshit monday night raw they put out now Worlds Worst Entertainment(WWE)

  25. TheArthasmenethril says:

    i know that Cena, miz and Cm Punk want the title Redesigned it just depends if Vince wants it redesigned

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