5/14/01 Stephanie Mcmahon , Triple H , Heel Stone Cold Steve Austin segment part 1/2

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Me playing Forever by Drake ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayen, and Eminiem on the keyboards. One of my favorite songs ever. If anyone has any requests for new songs just comment at the bottom. Oh and Subscribe if you like pleaseeeeeeee.

48 Responses to “5/14/01 Stephanie Mcmahon , Triple H , Heel Stone Cold Steve Austin segment part 1/2”

  1. Al3xi01989 says:

    @Wolverinemitzy chyna can only blow cena ­čśÇ she is a´╗┐ pornstar

  2. TheGleneden says:

    damm!! so much emotion from the attitude era fans´╗┐ goodtimes.

  3. iramos4021 says:

    damn when i first started watching wwf was in 1999 miss these days everybody is so fkn innocent these days i wish´╗┐ ppl could just take their fingers out of their asses and have fun again

  4. bmcg678 says:

    they´╗┐ need an attitude era reunion ASAP!

  5. AlcoholicMB says:

    Damn,´╗┐ I forgot how hot Steph was.

  6. killswitch3ngag3 says:

    @jordonjellybean not to´╗┐ mention the kickass intro music they used to have!!

  7. kashbrody11 says:

    @jordonjellybean now thats the good´╗┐ stuff

  8. randallsnowden21 says:

    When wwe was actually good SMH´╗┐ at the shyt today!

  9. jflemingification says:

    @Wolverinemitzy oh yeah´╗┐

  10. TheRockSays39 says:

    man i would of loved´╗┐ a night with stephanie

  11. Wolverinemitzy says:

    I think Chyna can´╗┐ kill Cena ­čśë

  12. ClassySoCrazy011 says:

    Stephanie McMahon is my Idol and has been since :-)´╗┐

  13. ClassySoCrazy011 says:

    I am soo glad that Triple H kept his theme song till´╗┐ now, it never gets old:-))

  14. Black14825 says:

    D-X, Evolution, Two Man Power Trip: 3 of the greatest stables in history and HHH was a part of it.HHH is´╗┐ da man

  15. RKO2D3STINY2 says:

    @SEXY77786 You’re An´╗┐ Idiot They’re The Perfect Couple

  16. rankingtrevor says:

    I hate this crappy heavy´╗┐ metal type theme tune Austin adopted during this period. Its awful. Attitude era rules forever!

  17. SEXY77786 says:

    Stephanie doesn’t match with triple´╗┐ h they make ugly kids and couple.

  18. ParkLaneTottenham1 says:

    @FluffMaster101 Yeah, Steph had that ”I’m gonna milk your´╗┐ balls dry” look about her.

  19. lamarjlp914 says:

    I watched raw this week for the first time in years and I must say this new generation of wrestlers are boring as´╗┐ hell. It’s gonna be a long time before Attitude era stuff happens again.

  20. DJWtheKILLER2010 says:

    i miss these´╗┐ days

  21. MapleLeafs51 says:

    this is the era where the intercontinental championship meant something now look whos it´╗┐ with..

  22. 08sunbabe says:

    ahhhh the excuse me screech was perfected by stephanie. ´╗┐

  23. kukki166 says:

    lol look frm 5:16 to 5:23 …someone holdng a sign sayig “austin blows mcmahon” ri in stone colds´╗┐ face and austin tells him to lowerit lmao

  24. katjalovesRnBmusic says:

    i have a keyboard´╗┐ like his too ­čśÇ

  25. forkane69 says:

    you have a piano just like mine but the only thing is that these pianos´╗┐ don’t have a high quality, so it sounds like ……..

  26. lilmike398 says:

    That sounded´╗┐ cool!

  27. osufan126 says:

    @megawtfmusic´╗┐ Nice Dude!

  28. megawtfmusic says:

    i learned from´╗┐ him ­čśÇ

  29. Sildawnver23 says:

    thats our´╗┐ skool keyboards lol

  30. osufan126 says:

    @dpalnoway hey david palafox lol. ur cool´╗┐

  31. dpalnoway says:

    he´╗┐ sucks

  32. 1kulas1 says:

    dude you are freakin amazin´╗┐ man

  33. 354H says:


  34. osufan126 says:

    uhhhhh i forget lol´╗┐ try to look at my hands

  35. Liildiice260 says:

    what are the notes, or keys lol?´╗┐ cuz i wanna try and play this?

  36. SouljaToy11 says:

    i got tht same piano if you could message me and tell me what that voice waz and´╗┐ what the beat waz called i would appriciate it

  37. TheAMGClub says:

    Dude! Your´╗┐ AMAZING
    Im definately Subscribing!

  38. EminemRelapseVidZ says:

    woo´╗┐ hoo

  39. captainawesome3 says:

    When´╗┐ you turned the drums on, I was like “yeeeeeaahh

  40. sk8tergirl19978 says:

    you´╗┐ need a piano tutorial its too good

  41. MrFun17 says:

    your aamzing!!!´╗┐

  42. osufan126 says:

    @hbkkbh6h8 I already did look at´╗┐ it on my videos

  43. hbkkbh6h8 says:

    do replay´╗┐

  44. osufan126 says:

    Yay! Over´╗┐ 1,000 views!

  45. osufan126 says:

    @Eminem4851 nice´╗┐ job man!

  46. Eminem4851 says:

    yes!!!´╗┐ i figured it out!!! it would’ve been easier if it was a tutorial but still good!!!

  47. osufan126 says:

    I learned this by ear´╗┐ sorry dude!

  48. KillerPolarPenguin says:

    Did you learn this by ear? Or did you get´╗┐ sheet music. That was really sick though, if you have sheet music could I get it? ­čÖé

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