3.24.05 Pre Debate Wm 21 Cena tries to provoke JBL part 1

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22 Responses to “3.24.05 Pre Debate Wm 21 Cena tries to provoke JBL part 1”

  1. justsaviorbreath says:

    know your role and SHUT YOUR MOUTH you candy ass “robster”

  2. Gurimmjaw says:

    Taken from Cena the man who lost to The Rock lol.

  3. robster409 says:

    JBL is the definition of an ass kissing jabroni (sorry rock you can have you quote back just don’t go racing to witch mountain cos you’re mountain is Brokeback)

  4. jspinac1 says:

    Thats the 1% & Mike Bloomberg talking, if you know what I mean?

    JBL SUX!

    Word Motha Fucking Lyfe!

  5. Aaron987ful says:

    in a shit way

  6. xXxjAmEsLxXx says:

    Funny, i Was glad jBL lost to john Cena because jBL had the championship long enough but then Cena started doing the same thing Lol

  7. nickcobain22 says:

    i don’t understand the cena haters that comment about how they want this cena back this way, and shit on him. He has very little control on his gimmick so it is not his fault that he is super cena instead of rapping cena. And his wrestling has gotten better since this so it just doesnt make sense when the cena haters that shit on him all the time say that they like cena this way

  8. BigboyHollywood says:

    I was there live!

  9. adu1991 says:

    yes he was hater

  10. TH3DUD34life says:

    he was not

  11. TH3DUD34life says:

    cena rapping is a gimmick. all around he still suck

  12. TH3DUD34life says:

    cena was never cool

  13. ptptptman says:

    ironically now whenever he goes on tv shows hes in a suit and tie

  14. ptptptman says:

    is the other guy HHH?

  15. TheEchelon4life says:

    omfg i been wanting someone to upload this i loved this moment

  16. corwin11412 says:

    Chain gang > Cenation

  17. adu1991 says:

    cena was always cool

  18. shygirlplay1234 says:

    This is so funny to watch

  19. shygirlplay1234 says:

    nice good stuff!

  20. Justine20366 says:

    L-over ( nothing against jb just wanted to share this so no hate)

  21. deteen9 says:

    Right now we like 2 say truly heart felt good bye to the chain gang and to cena back when he knew the meanings of hustle loyalty and respect

  22. Lorenzo8705 says:

    i like the classic john cena better that the new one

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