28 more great unknown pump up songs

title says it all. Lister to these for pre game or just for work outs. I have a variety up to get to all audiences, hope you like a few of them. M@d-The Concert Tyga-Diamond Life Powerman 5000- Danger Is Go! DJ Splash-Bass Is Kicking Drake, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West- Forever Wolfmother- Joker and the Thief DJ Tiesto- Insomnia Andrew WK- Party Hard Duran Duran- Wild Boys Breaking Benjamin- One of a Kind Combichrist- Get your Body Beat The Killers- All the things Ive Done Jackal- I stand alone JDX- Tha Seeker Lil Jon- Throw It Up Linkin Park & Jay-Z- 99 Problems Paul Oakenfold- Ready Steady Go Powerman 5000-Drop the Bomshell Pride Fighting Theme Prodigy- Mindfields Nightwish- Ghost Love Score Dj Valentino- Suck my Dick Does it offend you, Yeah?- We are Rockstars Dr. Dre- Still DRE Filter- Hey Man Nice Shot Pendulum- Granite Lunatic Calm- Leave You far Behind DJ Tiesto- Adagio for the Strings

Hi Guys, Sorry for keeping you waiting. Since you guys have waited so long for Sandy, I have decided to upload the Tournament of Champions. Since this is the 2nd episode of Whammy’s Tournament of Champions, I will give you a summary of what happened in the first episode. The Three players are…Stacie,Jack and Donn. Jack Wins the game and moves on to the Finals. The next three are… Jerry (He previously won 91 in Season 1) Benjamin (He previously won 62 in Season 1) and Sandy Fox (She previously won 337 in Season 1) Sandy is an anime voice actress and a singer. If you don’t know who she is then please visit Part 1 of her first appearance for more info. Music: “Unyielding Desire” from Magic Knight Rayearth

40 Responses to “28 more great unknown pump up songs”

  1. lplegend2010chelsea says:

    5:00 Pride FC Championship. Every man should know it!

  2. LilMuffinss says:

    7:14  is actually Pendulum – Blood Sugar (original) just saying

  3. xSniperStreakHDx says:

    alle duitsers zijn homoooos

  4. nickthebrick3 says:

    One of a kind is by Breaking Point, not Breaking Benjamin

  5. SuperJoziah says:

    i heard hardstyle haha

  6. NoNoAkimbo says:

    As an RVD fan for life, i can tell you that “One of a Kind” is by Breaking Point, not Breaking Benjamin

  7. Xaviolla says:

    one of a kind is by breaking point bro

  8. summitgoalie09 says:

    ghost love score? didn’t know anyone else knew my song!

  9. Squirrelloverfan3 says:


  10. dtroitguy says:

    you got some damn good songs bro

  11. walbashi25 says:

    i love you for introducing me to different stuff

  12. mrfishermanjack says:

    Forever is unknown?

  13. daviddever9011 says:

    @ceazuh its not this dude is retarded

  14. ansjrluq says:

    worst pump up video i seen on youtube

  15. xCaRnRAGEx says:

    this is terrible lmao

  16. boygeniusmedia says:

    not going to be so “unkown” anymore

  17. mjunaman says:

    dude u are dumb u dont get pumped up with tecnho…. sry

  18. Xaviolla says:

    “one of a kind” is by breaking point not breaking benjamin

  19. ski4life19 says:

    A shit load of them are well known. Forever, Still dre, Adagio for strings, 99 problems, joker and the thief are massive hits

  20. kpride4life says:

    This stuff got me pumped up to close my browser.

  21. navysealdude123 says:

    their is a reason these songs are “unheard of”

  22. Scheudawg says:

    how do you find these songs?

  23. ElementRider42 says:

    im pretty sure hey man nice shot isnt by filter?

  24. ElementRider42 says:

    @ceazuh its breaking point, atleast they have the “official music video” but its somehow known to be by breaking benjamin. Sounds just like em

  25. SuperDarkangel6 says:

    the song one of a kind is not from breaking benjamin i just wanted to give you a heads up. i dont know who its by but i know its not them

  26. uniquatm1 says:

    Jerry, Benjamin, and Sandy return for more money from the Whammy. It’s very unusual to see two contestants to both hit a Whammy! First of all, it was the Whammy Awards at 2:53. Second, it was the Artist Whammy at 3:33. But Sandy? Well, she may be the only contestant to never ever hit a single Whammy in Round Two of the Tournament of Champions Whammy!

  27. thewakkydude says:


  28. USAFirefighter06 says:

    “You can whammy the whammy by hitting the big bank square right up there. If you do that I will ask you a question. Get it right and you get all the money in the big bank. Just like that. NO QUESTIONS ASKED” I think he contradicted himself lol. How I caught that I dunno

  29. Zacherrey says:

    Go Sandy!

  30. devonray75 says:

    Damn. Jerry and Benjamin hit a whammy on their first spins, Not a good way for true champions to start the game that way.

    Sandy did well on 2 spins. Froze at $2,260. Not bad.

  31. quizmaster85 says:

    Sandy’s voice reminds me of Megan Mullally

  32. jtn2002 says:

    So close to epic failure! That was almost a disaster.

  33. indianamerican10 says:

    First, the first 2 players have whammied right off the bat and lost their $1,000 and Todd took that to the big bank which is at $5,000, and Sandy took 2 spins and froze.

  34. TheDragonBoss says:

    Ok thanks

  35. indianamerican10 says:

    I think he won the first round tournament.

  36. TheDragonBoss says:

    that’s the quickest round one ever

  37. TheDragonBoss says:

    Then who won round 1 tornament?

  38. nexttomarken says:

    Sandy’s scream is so hilarious!

  39. JMGun777 says:

    that voice is so fucking annoying

  40. nexttomarken says:

    Sandy looks so short.

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