2009 Teen & Collegiate National Bodybuilding Championships

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25 Responses to “2009 Teen & Collegiate National Bodybuilding Championships”

  1. AsianBodybuilders says:

    An Nguyen at 5:00

  2. hawtjd says:


  3. prowe89 says:

    :26 HOLY SHIT

  4. kikine05 says:

    @charizardisbeastly yeah doesn’t look like a teen at all 

  5. itsMikeyP14 says:

    WHO’s AT 3:18!

  6. HappyCamperOnee says:

    number 20 a freaking beast!!!

  7. colombianguyyo says:

    I has some work to do 🙂

  8. houaly143 says:

    @bladeulv  “the separation of his abs” i know right… and i was like what the heck….

  9. glamboy1 says:


  10. charizardisbeastly says:

    dude seriously wtf, that black guy with the bandana at 5:45

  11. bladeulv says:

    0.32 the separation of his abs o_O

  12. killzone474 says:

    Not to small and not to over done, good looking bunch of guys

  13. blackbelt1123 says:

    lol @ 5:07
    how come some weren’t wearing any tan?

  14. pax41 says:

    @georgetheburned You would be surprised how flexible a lot of bodybuilders are.

  15. XtremeGameR26 says:

    1:34 WTF! he looks like he could fly with those wings!

  16. TheIRONMANPRO says:

    whats Collegiate National Bodybuilding Championship?? University level??? whats the min. and max. age to compete in these competitions??

  17. peoplelondon says:

    sexy guys and handsome

  18. Qdegree says:

    OMG! Stone Cold at 3:55!

  19. HauntedShores06 says:

    thats real body building and real results in my eyes

  20. Kainthemain says:

    some of these guys look clean and probablt are. Not bad

  21. mistaserious3 says:

    I bet the black guy at 1:25 is going places.

  22. beterthenyouu says:

    at 1:25 the dude had a great shape!!!!!!

  23. georgetheburned says:

    thoaw guys are so muscled that they will need a broomstick to scratch their spine 😛

  24. twelveshotz says:


  25. Nitrotech23 says:

    I’ll be there in 2 years, PROMOTE NATURAL BODYBUILDING

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