2009 NPC Teen/Collegiate Nationals Pump Room 2

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22 Responses to “2009 NPC Teen/Collegiate Nationals Pump Room 2”

  1. aloha99992000 says:

    hard work pays off

  2. Drgndwrf says:

    Very hot and inspring.

  3. CDeeez94 says:


  4. bobobob1006 says:

    love to see someone start a brawl in that room

  5. 4URISONLY says:

    Hot, but who’s the guy in yellow trunks, number 41…. He’s hot!

  6. AlexRmF says:

    holly shit man… and these guys are in college? what the heel are you feeding them?

  7. GERMANLOVER7000 says:

    good to be in good health and to have a body like this…

  8. Mr1329932 says:

    black guy at 0:56 !!

  9. LinebackerUSC says:

    they look like real terminators lol

  10. tamakun69 says:

    The young black guy at 0:30, wooooow.

  11. JCamacho123 says:

    I think its funny how people just automatically label these bodybuilders, or any, as very cocky. They don’t train their asses off for anybody besides themselves and the judges.

  12. happytryfriend says:


  13. StevenSWM says:

    A few of those guys just don’t look 19 or younger…and I mean from the neck up! But I assume proof of age was required.

  14. Pyol1000 says:

    meat meat meat

  15. zachparise1 says:

    , tan, show definison better

  16. carmel15 says:

    its called a tan

  17. 99765e5353 says:

    Ookk. I have very very fear XD

  18. aaaaaaaaaaaadddd says:

    why are they so brown

  19. MrChubib0 says:

    they look 25+ bcoz of their body!

  20. dan2002 says:

    really cocky dudes

  21. bibearfan says:


  22. peoplelondon says:

    fantastic muscle guys I wanna be like them
    yo quiero ser como ellos se ven fantasticos

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