2006-6-24 5of11 Sheldan Nidle EdgeAM Radio Show Interview ET Contactee GFL Representative

my playlist “ET Contactee Sheldan Nidle GFL Representative” play in sequence best way to watch even half way through just click on that video your up to www.youtube.com Sheldan Nidles website below www.paoweb.com be sure to check out my playlists just click on ThankYouWhiteKnights link above and then on my channel page click on Playlists at the top or click on this below http from UFO TECH (Free/Zero Point Energy & Antigravity), UFOs, Dan Winters on Physics of Gravity, Zero Point Energy, Golden Ratio, DNA to Consciousness. Also Crop Circles, Graham Hancock on the physical evidence of Ancient Civilizations connected to the stars and Mars possibly Atlantis Lemuria, White Knights, Benjamin Fulford also confirming Sheldan Nidle etc

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