2-010 ~ Musecast November 14th ~ Vic Vriday

Thought I would give this weeks musecast a little bit of a bluesy feel, hope you all enjoy it. Here’s the links I promised: Blindman’s Peace on youtube: www.youtube.com/blindman777 and on myspace: www.myspace.com/blindmanspeace Peep Soul(the recordings on there are just the lead dude but it will give you a feel of the music we play): www.myspace.com/peepsoul And mouthpiece: www.myspace.com/mouthpiece1 Artist of the week, Dan Dyer: www.myspace.com/dandyer There ya go, keep on rockin’

11 Responses to “2-010 ~ Musecast November 14th ~ Vic Vriday”

  1. Gilbinator says:

    haha It does, thanks!

  2. tomaral says:

    Sounds like you’re busy busy. Can’t wait to hear more.

  3. Loneninjaturtle says:

    Hah hah I’ll definitely try to work on that, just for you. I hope that makes you feel extra suuu-pahr awsum and speshul lol

  4. Loneninjaturtle says:

    Yeah I was thinkin’ about that after I made the video and I’m definitely going to start bringin’ my cam with me to practices/gigs. I’ll see if I can’t get some clips in the near future of me playing at those gigs or practicing with the bands

  5. Loneninjaturtle says:

    Well Eric, you are the man to imitate. I am deeply honored and intimidated by your presence. You challenge me to step up my videos every week. Your like the fellow samurai that challenges me to defeat him in a duel every week lol

  6. Loneninjaturtle says:

    Sweet stuff – definitely let me know when your in Nashvegas

  7. MuseCast5 says:

    You play the harmonica… I want to be like you when I grow up 🙂


  8. Gilbinator says:

    “really really” huh?

    well…I really really like the video.

    but I think you need a new word. please and thank you.

  9. heymeganfrances says:

    I like to see you playing your songs. I think it would also be cool if you could show some live clips of you playing in your different bands at gigs or rehearsals.

  10. lifedoesntimitate000 says:

    Good post. I like the idea of opening your episodes with a little bit of a song. That’s nice.

    Congratulations to your friend and the wedding, and to you for participating.

    I’d love to get some insight into what it’s like for you to write songs. Maybe you can take us into a writing session with you?

    Yay, new segment! It’s like, the week of new segments.

    — Eric 2.0

  11. kungfokittyus says:

    The lyrics to that song reminded me of Hey Joe a little 😀 I like the blues and your voice. You look really tired, ^^ the wedding sounds like it was fun. Two bands, your going Jack White on this I see :] I’m glad you put up dates for your shows. I go to Nashville every a now and a again hope your playing when I go I guess we’ll see right. Fanastic Idea about the band of the week ^.^ I can’t wait to see who’s next and I never heard of Dan before. Thanks and Rock on :]

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