#17 Miami vs # 8 Oklahoma |ACC vs Big 12| 2009

After the #9 ranked Miami Hurricanes suffered their 1st defeat of the season at the hands of the #11 ranked Virginia Tech Hokies, The Canes looked to rebound in a big way and knock off the best the Big 12 had to offer in [defending Big 12 Champions], The Oklahoma Sooners. Oklahoma jumped out to an early 10-0 lead, but the mighty Hurricanes battled back scoring 21 unanswered points and held on to claim victory.

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  1. copstryin2takemycrop says:

    The legend of Jimmy Graham began during this game.

  2. taylorroger39 says:

    Why do people put music in this it sux!!!!

  3. CaneTenacity says:

    Why is some dumbshit Nole commenting on a Canes vid? If you want to watch a team from the state of Florida beat OU, then I guess yes, you’d watch the Canes & also the Crocs. B/c you sure the fuck wouldn’t re-watch that curbstomping they laid on those fucking garnett/gold indians up at Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago. Way to get your ass beat FSU. Also, try to stop dry humping the leg of the Canes, you bunch of fuckwits. We’ll even lend you a couple of NChamp trophies to make you feel better.

  4. TheDsQuArEd11 says:

    @nolesallday ima laugh when your whack ass noles lose to OU this season when they dont have sam brad either and see what excuse you’ll give on why you guys lost and how the us canes got lucky if nething last years OU team i think is better then this years so hope you guys dont lose….i mean choke you guys are good at choking maybe one day the U will sell our swag to you guys……NOT!!!

  5. LancerFootball58 says:

    @Nolesallday say what you will but 3 players dont decide the outcome of a game and bradford is way overrated. and one point is all it takes to win.

  6. BoStOnKiD1000 says:

    @Nolesallday it doesnt matter cause will just whip ur ass next year too so stop showing jealously for this win for the canes nd we beat u that year anyways so why are u talking?

  7. blackonefifty says:


    What this ignorant FSU fan doesn’t seem to realize is that we were running at OU’s defense at will. The score could’ve easily been more had Randy not gone into Tressel-Mode and done everything safely. JJ ran for 150 yards ALONE. And was STILL trucking even moments before the game ended. Factor in the bullshit roughing the kicker penalty for OU that lead to more points..

    Well, game could’ve been more lopsided. FSU will get to play watered down OU in ’10 in Norman, fun fun.

  8. DRussellNCAA says:

    that was a great game. im a nebraska fan but i like miami. just bcuz miami beat us in tha nt, 3 times, dosent mean nebraska’s gotta hate em.

  9. haitian1989 says:

    Can’t compare GT and NU of old to what UF does because their attacks were basic. UF applies a lot of west coast principles to their philosophy even in a spread offense. Teams like the Patriots and my Broncos have sampled from Urbans playbook. No NFL team ever did that with NU or with GT now. And to your point about winning because of inheritance he took a bunch of guys that weren’t the type of players he usually recruited and won a NC with them… Again coaching.

  10. haitian1989 says:

    Every place Meyer has gone hes turned the program around with the same players. No matter how you slice it thats good coaching. Not to insult you but your definitely off your meds if you think Meyer or Bowden arent great coaches. Too much talent for UF not to compete for NCs. You can tell yourself otherwise but its the truth(Again Im not even a UF fan)

  11. blackonefifty says:

    Different level. Utah didn’t play the schedule (albeit a cupcake one for the last few years) that Florida has, nor did Bowling Green. Only reason he’s even seeing national championships is because he’s in God’s favorite conference. But that’s okay. He’s playing with the big dogs now. They’ll figure out his little spread option offense and go to town on it just like anyone who plays it enough does. Think it can’t be done? See GT. See OU and NU of old.

    As for the first N/C..Inheritance?

  12. haitian1989 says:

    Lol are you kidding? The man has two NC’s and has won every place he’s been. Plus he won before Tebow/ Mullen/ Strong. Just look at his record turning around programs with the same exact players on the team. The offense fell off because they lost Percy and Murph(Two ballers) and couldn’t compensate for them. Plus they couldn’t score in the redzone. Statistically though they were still pretty good. I still think that UF will compete for NC’s in the future. Too much talent.

  13. blackonefifty says:

    I’m not saying they’ll fall off the face of the map — but Urban Meyer isn’t a great all around coach. And, this may be a blasphemy but neither was Bobby Bowden — he just hired a GREAT staff and managed to haul in GREAT talent throughout the years. Urban is nothing more than a special teams coach. His offense fell off hard last year as opposed to ’08. Why? O/C Bolted for Miss St. His D/C is GONE. Quite a few people have left.

  14. haitian1989 says:

    Yea thats true. They still got Meyer though and you can’t deny UF got some serious talent. If there coaches are decent then I don’t see how they’ll fall off. Miami and FSU will get better though. I don’t understand why yall think it has to be one or the other. Shit I wish VT could get some of the Florida athletes yall get…

  15. blackonefifty says:

    Recruiting? You better pay attention to that coaching staff that jumped ship this year.

  16. Hworth8 says:

    Love the thumbs up 7:25

  17. haitian1989 says:

    Dude you’re typing from your heart and not your head. UF has had #1 recruiting classes under Meyer before and won NC’s with them. FSU has had big time recruiting classes before that have turned into bust. Guaranteeing they’ll be bust is just homerism. All I’m saying is that if you think UF is going to fall off you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. I think FSU and Mia will get better but UF aint going anywhere. and their class looks pretty balanced to me, might want to check it again.

  18. 904austin says:

    I am. FSU #6 BABY!!! But forreal recruting means very little. Especially with a school like UF that has more arrests than FSU and Miami combined since Urban Meyer Weiner took over. Plus they got like 6 players for 1 position lol. I wonder how they’ll run a 1-1-9 defense?? lol. Half of them will be busts or off the team in 2 years garunteed.

  19. haitian1989 says:

    No they aren’t. I’m not even a UF fan but if you think they’re fallin you’re foolin yourself. Pay attention to recruiting…

  20. 904austin says:

    lol. when you wear orange and blue and your starting QB has never gotten laid you cant have swag no matter what. hahaha FSU and Miami are comin up though. UF’s fallin.

  21. Dwinstitles says:

    Florida with there gay ass uniforms and they always try to have swag. Its Florida for goodness sakes, when Um and FSU are down thats there only chance lol.

  22. 904austin says:

    yea fuck florida. even with a combined record of 16-10 FSU-UM was the best game I watched all year. Too bad FSU lost but I’ll take a loss to Miami over anyone else.

  23. Dwinstitles says:

    Nothing but respect for you guys, fuck the gators you always play us no matter what. Imma huge Miami fan but I want FSU back as much as Miami. The best rivalry besides OSU and MICH.

  24. 904austin says:

    I’m a huge Nole fan but I gotta admit Miami’s real as fuck. I gotta alot of respect for the U. Look foward to FSU’s trip to Miami next year. Home team hasn’t won since ’05. Go Noles!!!

  25. gameday200 says:


  26. ivoman7 says:

    @rayelroad to experience all

  27. rayelroad says:

    Satanic Philophy in it’s most simplistic form is putting yourself above God. Not recongizing that he is the source of your power and he is in control. This video talks about getting creating your own reality and staying positive. (similiar to the Secrete” You can become powerful and do amazing things, but you need to understand that the source of that power comes from either good or evil. And this is all written in the bible. People just don’t read it or understand what it says.

  28. rayelroad says:

    These are massive topics and there is no way to even begin a conversation with 500 characters. My findings have lead me to believe that the spirt world is quite real and so is God/Satan, Heaven/Hell etc… How I came to that conclusion? It wasn’t one thing. It was many things over many months of books, websites, video.Now where it gets tricky is who is God? Does God have a God? If there is a good creater God, why does he allow us to be placed in a world where we are almost set up to fail?

  29. Oligarx11 says:

    also, things that you mentioned as proof such as near death experience, etc. is not religious, its spiritual experience, many people can have out of body experiences and they don’t believe in any religion but are just spiritual. Its all about energy and believe, but religion is something that is put into place to control the masses (at least in my opinion)….you should checkout the video the “Sumerian gods”

  30. Oligarx11 says:

    Well, i see your point of view and i can’t say that you are wrong or right…….but, there is just as much proof that there are aliens visiting earth and so forth, thousands of reports have been published and many governments are in the process of releasing archives of UFO.

    plus how is this satanic philosophy?? i don’t see anything satanic in what he says..he is talking about loving everyone and all good spiritual laws.

  31. rayelroad says:

    I believe there is proof. Exersicsms, Near Death experiences, ghosts, bibical prophecies… the rabbit hole goes quite deep. However stuff like this is exact oppisite of the bible. You don’t have to believe in any of it, but video spreads satanic philosophy wrapped up in pretty box.

    Who is in control, you or God?

    I don’t have the answer to that question, but I would side with God, based on my research. You sould check out a series called “the arrivals” on Utube

  32. Oligarx11 says:

    true…but how can anyone believe religion also?? there is no real proof about any of that bullshit either, accept whats written in books. same thing how could anyone believe back in the day that the earth was round and not flat, there was no real proof of that back then. believe in what feels right for you and not what someone tells you to believe in.

  33. rayelroad says:

    Seriously, how can anyone believe this. There is no real proof of any of this.

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