17 Glenavon Road

LINK: www.dailymotion.com Written by Graham Coult – Directed by Benjamin Dudoit Starring: Julie Emslie, Kyle Gordon and Iain Kenna Bryan is swapping Leannes anti-psychotic medication for water tablets causing an exacerbation of her symptoms in an attempt to provoke a violent response from the mum toward the son. He fears that if she is in a good mental condition she will ally herself with Jamie against Bryan. Bryan is frightened, as the son wants Bryan out of their lives. His fears, and the way he reacts to them is detrimental to both the son and his mother. Music: Steve McBride, also Pink Floyd – Photographer: James McKenna – Big thank you to Andrew, Gavin, the Love Family and Richard Scott Pye

A conversation with Director Mike Clattenberg of ‘Afghan Luke’ at the Toronto Film Festival 2011. www.redcarpetdiary.tv Disheartened when his story about Canadian snipers possibly mutilating corpses in Afghanistan is buried, Luke (Nick Stahl) quits his job but is even more determined to return to Afghanistan to get the real story. With his offbeat buddy, Tom (Nicolas Wright), tagging along, Luke returns to Afghanistan and intends to gather enough evidence to get his old story into print.

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